Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Challenge of Being a Mother

It is a lot different when you are still single wherein most of the time you are only to think of yourself and how to survive with life. Many women experience “status shock” from single to motherhood. But when you have a family and children of your own, your “selfishness” wipes out as you are more concern now of how to support your children of their daily needs as well as to provide them the best future they could have.

When life has less to offer to you, you tend to wish your children to have better than what you have. Then there comes sacrifice that you need to do in order for that better future for your children to come true. Of course, dreams truly won’t come true if you will just keep on dreaming. Action is necessary to make things happen for you and for your children. That is why, setting a goal is important because it is thru this goal that determines the plans and actions that you need to undertake to reach the end result that you wish to accomplish.

And that brings the challenge of being a mother. A challenge of raising well your children as well as providing the necessary things and values they need before they are about to “conquer” the world.

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