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Helpful Useful Tips on Purchasing Child Safety Gates

Tips on Purchasing Child Safety Gate
Helpful useful tips on purchasing child safety gates are a very crucial component in home safety equipment especially if you have small and young children to look after. We always wanted to make sure our children are secure in our own home in any part of the house. Thus, it is necessary for mothers like us to take this measure as part of our list with regards to home safety.

The market is stocked with different models and options. Therefore, it is important to know what our household requires, what features works or not, what security criteria that suits our child needs. Some of us may be wanting for something that does not look hideous. Coming up with so many concerns and issues, I have come up with some tips to help you decide which safety gate that will perfectly suits your home. Please note that this is the opinion of the writer and its important to take personal responsibility for your kids safety as we advice you on the parameters of consideration.

Top of the Stairs Child Safety Gate

Top of the Stairs Child Safety Gate
Many of us primarily worry about the stairs the kids might  fall into. Children are prone to so much risk especially when they are already in a stage of being so active and can independently crawl or walk. Therefore, installing top of the stair security gate is the top of our priority. The ideal gate to use on this is the screw fitted stair gates. The screw safety gates are made to fit both at the top or bottom of stairs. Usually, they are fitted with wall fixings at the top of the stairs. The fixing makes them more permanent than the typical pressure safety gates. The advantage of using this type of gate is that it does not become loose with use, it is stable and firmly locked and attached to the wall. This design of gates comes in a variety of colors and designs. This makes them very attractive and appealing to the eyes. However, since it is hardware-mounted gate, the flaws on this is that it needs drilling to make holes necessary to to install them. But surely it is harder to dislodge than any other type of baby gate.

Pressure Mounted Child Gate

Pressure mounted baby gate
This is perfect if you only want to install it between rooms which you consider not safe, like the living room with a fire burning in the fireplace, or kitchen where people are busy preparing meals. This is modeled to prevent your baby's maneuvers from one corner of the house to the other. They are designed to restrict the child from wandering into danger while your eyes are away from the kid. This could be the most common type of all the gates because it comes in quick and easy pressure that is made to fit to the aperture without necessarily needing tools or any equipment. However, please take note that this type of gate is unsafe and we discourage our readers from using it at the top of the stairs because the fixing is volatile.  It is for this reason that they are unfit to use at the top of stairs.

Portable Travel Child Safety Gate

Pressure Mounted Child Gate

As the name suggests they are designed to help you with the kid(s) when you want to travel  to visit some friends, relatives or visit grandma and grandpa. This serves as your temporary hedge around the house that you are visiting. They are simple to put up because they use pressure to lock on to the walls. They are portable, light and folds up therefore it is convenient to bring along to transport. But again, this type is of gate for your kid is unsuitable to use on top of the stairs.

Auto Close Kid Gate

Auto Close Baby Gate
The last type of safety gate is a design of gate wherein as you immediately release it, it start to close itself behind. It is best for doorways and wide hallways. It comes with features like it can be extendable as well as stay open trick if you wish to open it for quite a period of time. It can be installed either hardware or pressure mounted options.

Key safety highlights 

Remember with all types of gates you think of using safety falls entirely on you. Make sure you do not allow kids to play while climbing on the gates as this may weaken the structure and make them hazardous. Check the fittings regularly more so if you are using the pressure type. Lastly, kids should not be left unchecked or rely entirely on the child safety gates.

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